5 Ways To Help Deal With Sensitive Teeth When Whitening

4 November 2015
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Whitening your teeth is a great way to get the smile you have always dreamed of. An easy way to whiten your teeth would be to use an at-home teeth whitening kit that you can receive from your dentist. However, you might notice some sensitivity to your teeth afterwards. If this is the case, here are five ways to help cope with it: Lower the Peroxide Level: Ask your dentist or check on the details of the kit to determine the peroxide level. Read More 

Missing Teeth? Understand Why It’s Important To Replace It

14 September 2015
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Teeth are used for more than eating, because they actually play a vital role in everyday activities. They are necessary for speaking, preventing the decay of bone in your jaw, and maintaining your facial muscles and tissue. When you are missing teeth, it will create many problems that range from altering the way your face looks over time and the health of your mouth. That's why it's so important to understand the complications that occur when you are missing teeth, and the options for fixing it. Read More 

Common Concerns about Abscessed Teeth and Swollen Gums

8 September 2015
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When you are experiencing a dental issue, you may feel a great deal of stress if you are not well informed about the problem. While there are many different issues that your teeth may encounter, the following couple of common issues need to be addressed as soon as possible. Once you have learned the following answers to questions about dental abscesses and swollen gums, you will have much more of the information you are needing to make smart choices for keeping your smile healthy and beautiful. Read More 

Important Denture Care Tips That You May Have Forgotten

10 August 2015
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Has it been a while since you visited the dentist? Are you wondering what you need to do to keep your dentures in top condition? If your dentist gave you a list of care instructions for your dentures, but you've since misplaced them, here are some things that you may have forgotten about: Never use regular toothbrushes and toothpaste: This may be the most easily forgotten or ignored denture care tip, although it's actually extremely important. Read More 

Why Is Your Floss Fraying Between Your Teeth?

15 July 2015
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Does your dental floss tend to fray and get caught between your teeth? This can be pretty irritating, and it can even lead to pieces of floss actually getting stuck between your teeth. It's not a problem you should ignore because there are several possible causes and easy solutions. Cause #1: You're using floss that's too thick. Dental floss comes in several thicknesses, and if your teeth are pretty close together, using a thicker floss might cause it to fray. Read More