Missing Teeth? Understand Why It's Important To Replace It

14 September 2015
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Teeth are used for more than eating, because they actually play a vital role in everyday activities. They are necessary for speaking, preventing the decay of bone in your jaw, and maintaining your facial muscles and tissue. When you are missing teeth, it will create many problems that range from altering the way your face looks over time and the health of your mouth. That's why it's so important to understand the complications that occur when you are missing teeth, and the options for fixing it.

Missing Teeth Complications

Each tooth that you have is important for your oral health. Missing even a single tooth can create oral health problems that include:

  • Teeth shifting
  • Misalignment of existing teeth
  • Higher risk of gum disease and tooth decay
  • Exposed roots of your teeth
  • Jaw strain that leads to bite issues
  • Deterioration of bone that changes your facial shape
  • Speech impairment
  • Lower self-esteem or self-confidence

It is possible to have several of these issues when you are missing a tooth and refuse to fix it.

Missing Teeth Replacement Options

Thankfully, there are several options for correcting missing teeth and restoring your smile. Having these done soon after you lose a tooth can prevent the previous complications from happening.

The three main options for replacing teeth are bridges, dentures, and implants.


This method requires healthy teeth that surround the gap. Both teeth on each side will require a crown that is placed over the tooth. This is used to form a bridge between the two healthy teeth, and allow a fake tooth to be placed in between them. The fake tooth is constructed with either gold, porcelain, alloy, or a mixture of the three materials.


Dentures do not require having a full set to use them, because there are partial dentures available for even a single missing tooth. That is why they are a great option for teeth replacement, since they can accommodate anybody. Dentures are cheaper than alternative methods, and are completely removable. Many users do not like that feature since it does not feel like a real tooth, which is why they select a permanent replacement option.


Getting a dental implant is a two step process that involves fusing a post to your jaw, followed by installing the artificial tooth once it has healed. It's a permanent replacement method that looks and feels like a real tooth. A dental implant may last forever if it is properly cared for. Implants are typically the most expensive of the three replacement options though.

Now that you are aware of the complications of missing teeth and the options for replacing them, you will have the information you need to act quickly to fix your missing tooth and you will be able to contact a dentist.